Completing the billing profiles

The new platform requires you to complete your billing profile unless you have already done so on the old BookRix platform. If this is the case, you will be directed to the overview for account onboarding after logging in, where the data for billing (address, account/PayPal, tax details if applicable) can be entered. If you believe that the billing profile on BookRix was already complete and you are still prompted to complete it on the new platform, you can either re-enter and confirm the missing data or contact

Please note: For BX users, it will not be necessary to enter a state or phone number in the billing profile. We have made this change at short notice. If you receive a message about an incomplete billing profile for these reasons and do not want to enter this data, please wait a little longer, these two fields will be changed to "optional". This change may not be active immediately for all profiles.

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